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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stella: American Pit Bull Terrier, Unofficial Ambassadress for Pit Bulls, and Family Pet

STELLA: American Pit Bull Terrier, Unofficial Ambassadress for Pit Bulls and Family Pet

Quotable Quote: "DQ Anyone?"

Lives in Pittsburgh, PA. USA (South Side Slopes)

Interviewed 10/06/07 at her home on the Slopes.

NOTE: MARK YOUR CALENDER FOR OCTOBER 20th, 2007!!!! The First National Pit Bull Awareness Day!!!!!!


Stella is a black and white 3 year-old American pit bull terrier
The scene: Stella enters the room and races around at what appears to be at least 90 miles per hour, skillfully dodging various obstacles. After about 3 minutes of this she comes to a screeching halt in front the interviewer…. looks at the interviewer with big, beautiful brown eyes, and jumps into the interviewer’s lap. And is nose to nose with the interviewer.

Jean: I can't really do the interview with you this close.

Stella: Why not?

Jean: The tape recorder won't be able to pick us up.

(Stella reluctantly climbs out of the interviewers lap)

Jean: I'd like to start out by talking a little bit about your early life ..........while the Urbanbytes interviews are meant to be mostly fun and lighthearted, I think people would be interested to know how different your early life was.

Stella: Well, compared with some pit bulls, I was lucky even in the beginning. I had been selected to be bred ...and bred a lot....so I was never fought or anything like that. But the vet said that I had had two litters of puppies by the time I was a year and a half old!! That’s way too young the litters are too close together. He was breeding me too early and too much to have puppies to sell. Fortunately he left me and my two puppies at a friend's apartment and he never came back.

Those nice people took me and my puppies to the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania on Hamilton Ave. The Animal Rescue League is a wonderful place!!!!! I was there for about six weeks weaning my puppies and then when they were adopted I was put up for adoption and I was adopted in less than two days.

(Stella suddenly begins to move all four paws simultaneously, and quickly, too…..wiggling around her whole body, eyes shining, tail wagging…sort of like doggie tap dancing.)

Jean What was that?

Stella: At home we call it a “Stella dance”. It’s a terrier thing

Jean: Well, as Snoopy said “To dance is to live”

Stella: Who is Snoopy?

Jean: He was before your time.
{Jean continues}

How did you come to be called “the unofficial ambassadress for pit bulls”?

Stella: People seem to find me really approachable. I'm very happy and for a pit bull I'm little (50 lbs). And I have one black ear and one speckled kind of polka dot ear.

Jean: Yes, and that cute half-circle around your eye.

Stella: Thanks. So when people meet me, and then they find out I am a pit bull, it makes them rethink their misconceptions about pit bulls.

Jean: But….I guess some people won’t pet you.

Stella: Not to brag, but no. They always do. If they are around me for even 5 minutes they warm up (vigorous Stella dancing ensues)

Jean: What are the main characteristics of the pit bull breed?

Stella: Well we are known for our comical personality, high energy level (we need a load of exercise), intelligence, desire to please our owners and our unrelenting love.

Jean: Don’t you mean unconditional love?

Stella: No, I mean unrelenting love. Ask any pit bull owner,.....and by the way one of the slogans for the first ever National Pit Bull Awareness Day is "pit bulls are for lovers"

Jean: And that is on October 20th 2007, right? What a great idea!!!!

Stella : Yes, October 20th. There are over 70 major American towns and cities participating this first year. Pittsburgh was one of the first 10 cities to embrace the idea!!! It doesn't surprise me at all, though, cause Pittsburgh is known as a very animal friendly city. In addition to the Animal Rescue League, we have The Humane Society, and Animal Friends.

Jean: I know you’ve said you have a great owner. Why do you say that?

Stella: Well, not only is he as loyal to me as I am to him (and that’s high praise for a human…they are sometimes not so great in the loyalty department…). He also knows how to have a good time. We get out and do a lot of stuff..,,we go to the dog parks, out for walks, watch TV together, play fetch, go to Dairy Queen

Jean: You go to Dairy Queen?
Stella: Sure... dogs love ice cream. He doesn't give me that much. McDonalds cones are good, too. Though the one girl who was working the drive thru freaked out when she saw us sharing a cone…….

Jean: I can imagine she did. Where else do you go?

Stella: We eat out..(places with outdoor areas mostly allow dogs...the Post Gazette had an article about this recently........but they left out one of our favorites, "Double-Wide Grill" on Carson Street. And we go shopping.
Jean: You go shopping? Where? At Pet Supplies Plus?

Stella: No.....more and more human stores are dog friendly…he looks at stuff for his girlfriend….

Jean: Like where?

Stella: Oh, at South Side Works….The Black and White Store… Urban Outfitters. And in Shadyside, there are some stores too…….American Apparel is one.

Jean: Don't people ever complain?

Stella: ( looking rather offended) Well one time I had a crowd around me petting me, and a woman started complaining.

Jean: Did they throw you out?

Stella: No, of course not. and one sales-girl leaned over to me and she said sotto-voice “Now there two bitches in the store”.

Jean: Thanks for being the first animal interviewed in Urbanbytes!


Jean: Sorry! I almost forgot your "fluff" question..which is, What would be your theme song?

Stella: That's easy! It's "Dogs Just Want to Have Fun"......using the Cyndi Lauper tune but with doggie lyrics................{and ofcourse, vigorous Stella dancing ensues}

For more info on pit bulls! LINKS
National Pit Bull Awareness Day http://www.blessthebullys.com/id86.htmlThe Real Pit Bull http://www.realpitbull.com/
Very informative and well-done
Excellent overview of pit bulls as a breed
And: To adopt a dog...or cat or bunny the Animal Rescue League of Western Pa! Or just to learn more about this terrific organization http://www.animalrescue.org/